Finished Photo FIrst!

Finished Photo FIrst!

I originally had a big Banker’s Box organizer sitting on my desk under where the new organizer is hanging, and it took up entirely too much space. Plus it was just cardboard and was falling apart, so it was time for it to go. Total bill for materials was about $25 and that included (1) 1x6x8 pine board, (1) 1/4x2x4 plywood sheet, and (1) 1/2 inch dowel rod Tools used included a table saw, a router, and a hand saw to cut the dowel. Would have been much easier to make some of the cuts if I had a miter saw, but I made the best of what was available to me.

Started off with two pieces of pine cut to 22 x 3 3/4. Marked off a 3/8-inch edge the whole way around. The cuts for the file slots are at a 30-degree angle.

First piece routed out. I don’t have a plunge router, just a small, detail router, so dropping it into the slots wasn’t as easy as I would have liked. I got better as I went along. I probably should have practiced more, but the mistakes are on the back side and will be completely hidden anyways when finished. I also found that switching to a taller guide piece allowed me to keep the router steadier while it was up in the air before inserting it.

Duplicated everything to the other side piece. Not much to add here other than lots of double checking measurements to make sure the slots still line up properly.

I didn’t get any pictures of ripping down the 1/4-inch plywood since I was at dad’s house borrowing his table saw and was in his way so I tried to hurry. I had to improvise to cut the angles in the pieces so they’d sit flush. I set the table saw at 30-degrees and on my test cut I realized it was the wrong direction. Since the saw only goes to 45, I had to make the rig pictured in order to get the angle right. I’m sure there is some really simple (and probably a lot safer) way I wasn’t aware of, but I was still happy I figured out a solution.

Got everything test fit together. Looks good enough for what I need. I chiseled out the slots a little too much when I was cleaning up the rounded edges from the router, but I’d prefer it be a little loose and have to use some wood filler rather than being too tight and running into a problem later on.

Test fit from the top side.

Brought everything back to my house and did the final glue up. Time to let it sit overnight and hope everything is where it is still where it’s supposed to be in the morning!

Here it is finished and in place. Obviously the dowel isn’t the right length, but I’ll take care of that after I figure out how best to dress off the ends. My original plan was to use S hooks and have the unit suspended from the dowel, but when I went to set it in place during the test fit it was too exact. It was a perfect fit between the back splash and the dowel, with no room to spare. I must have measured wrong or wrote down the wrong number or something. Dad came up with the idea to drill the holes into the side pieces and run the dowel through. Still looks good and I’m happy with how it turned out.

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