This is the finished product. With helper dog posing as well.This is the start of the frame. The flat section at the head of the bed is for extra counter balance and a place to screw in any future electronics I wanted to add to the bed.3 fencing screws were used to join the frame together on each cornerA little cheating here. I haven’t liked other DIY floating frames as they don’t let the mattress breathe. I used the slats from my previous bed frame after making some adjustments to strengthen the frame and secure it to the base. I also used my previous bed head and just bolted the new frame into it.A closer look at the bed head. I added 5 plug power boards on both sides to run phone chargers, bedside lamps, electric blankets and stereoHere you can see the weight of the bed rests on the new supports. there are also 2 legs in the centre of the bed to take the weight there.2 x small speakers added to each side that I salvaged from an old Logitech iPhone mini stereo we no longer used.The Logitech power button and volume control knob was installed on the right side of the bed. The input is a Bluetooth receiver so I simply connect my phone via Bluetooth and stream my music or YouTube. The sound lacks a little base but fills the room nicely and reflects well so you can’t really tell exactly where the music is coming from.With just the mattress on the frame the illusion is ruinedThe dogs seem to like the floating bed anyway!!

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