Wanna build a nice looking decorative table like this one by using those ‘useless’ wooden crates? You’re in the right place!

Different angle

Bought the crates at Home Depot, around $10 a crate. I sanded them down with 120 grit followed by 220 grit.

On to the staining, I used a dark walnut stain here.

I wanted to make the wood look weathered so I have it some character. Caused this effect using a screw prior to staining. Also hit it with hammers and random garage objects to give it an interesting look.

Now on to the Poly. I used an oil sped fast drying poly, 2 coats with sanding in between using 220 grit sandpaper.

Put it together! I used 1″ screws to put it together

Not for the stand. I used a 2×6 to create an 18″ square.

Had to fasten the stand with nails as I didn’t have long enough screws. I screwed it to the table.

Created the middle insert using another cube and some wood glue! I used finishing nails pounded in partially to hold the insert there.
Note: This post wasn’t written by me, I found it in reddit and decided to post here. His reddit profile is cyclecanuck , and for the original post click here.


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