Made a marquee sign for my sister.
Started with a one to one Inventor produced blueprint.
After i cut out each letter I attached pallet boards with liquid nails and clamped.

After the last letter was cut I drilled 3/4 holes for all the light sockets

After the letters were I use the blue prints to cut the frame 1×4 prices to length. I stained and cut a rabbit for the letters to slide into. All pieces were glued and then Brad nailed to stay in place as the glue dried.
Here’s the outside lights that I bought and used. They really easy to pop into each hole then held in with a little hot glue.
I attached one board to the top for a French cleat, and one board at the bottom to add some strength.
Here’s one bulb I tried as a test. Was getting excited at this point.
And in its final play. She’s about to paint the room navy blue so she will paint over the supporting braces so they blend in.


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